• 18 November 2014
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    • Автор: Соня127

    Exercise 36

    ue the Future Perfect Tense instead of the infinitives in brackets

    I hope they (build)
    this bridge by the end ol the year

    what you do by the time I come back?

    By the end of this year Mr Brown (work)
    for this company lor fifty ye

    l. They plek) all the harvest by the end ol September

    5- your guests (come)
    by five?

    I think l my driving test by the end of the week and we can by
    7. He used to have black hair but now I think he (get)
    completely grey by

    s. We are trying to save some money. By the end of the year we (gain)


    9. This disease is spreading so fast. By the end of the week more than hundred

    people (fall). ill

    10. We (pain) the whole house
    by the time they come back irom their


    • 18 November 2014
    • Ответ оставил: Lidakorzun12122

    I hope they will built
    By the end of this year mr brown will have worked
    Will your guests have came
    I will have got
    We will have gained(я не знаю правильный ли этот глалол)
    People will have fallen
    We will have pained

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