• 20 November 2014
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    Написать на английском языке несколько предложений об интересных местах города Луганска.

    • 20 November 2014
    • Ответ оставил: 87052011701d

    1.The Dahl Museum in Lugansk works He dedicated to the life and work of the outstanding scientist, ethnographer and lexicographer. Here you can see the personal belongings and items of Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl and his family. 
    2.In Lugansk living area - more than 150 animals, and many of them are listed in the International Red Book. Lugansk zoo is not private and state-owned enterprise. Zoo erroneously called the zoo. 
    3.Theatre square in the city of Lugansk is near Lugansk regional Russian drama theatre. Theatre square Lugansk for many years is the epicenter of a variety of festive events in the city, here are all the most Central festival Lugansk.

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