• 20 November 2014
    • Русский язык
    • Автор: Tolya250277

    Complete the text with am,is,are or aren't

    Jane is going to be very busy next week. On Monday Jane is going to visit her dentist. On Tuesday Jane and her sister ..... going to visit their sick granny.
    When .... she going to arrange her birthday party?-On Saturday. Her classmates .... going to give her a little puppy. Jane loves pets. Where .... she going to walk her puppy?-In the park. Jane's parents .... going to give her a trip to London,.... they? ....you going to come to her birthday party?-Yes,I...

    • 20 November 2014
    • Ответ оставил: Emilkovv

    1) are, 2) is, 3) are, 4) is, 5) are, 6) arent, 7) are, 8) am.

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