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    Сочинение по англ. яз-у Медицина в России

    • 29 November 2014
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    In Russia, at least 50,000 people a year die as a result of providing them with poor quality of care, more crippling - such data leads the National League for the patients.

    Chief pulmonologist country Chuchalin Academician Alexander said in 2006 that "every third domestic doctors diagnosed it wrong." Since then, much has changed.

    Opinion poll by the Levada Center, conducted in 2009, showed that 60% of Russians are dissatisfied with the level of care.

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    The main claims of citizens - long lines, failure diagnosis and treatment, delayed medical care, the ratio of doctors to patients, long waiting ambulance, the replacement of free services, guaranteed by law, for a fee.

    These are the results of the study estimates the quality and availability of medical care, which was conducted by RZN in 2008.

    Doctors, experts and officials say that the quality of health care affects the lack of funding, and as its consequence - unequipped hospitals and unacceptably low salaries of doctors.

    Experts point out that there is no effective system of quality health care.

    It seems that today, no one doubts that the Russian healthcare needs global reform. Last updated in health care refers to the 1990s, when Russia introduced compulsory health insurance.

    As for the controversy of how to radically change the very health care system, laid back in the early days of the USSR, to make it meet the needs of the XXI century.

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