• 29 November 2014
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    • Автор: Liz207

    Заполните пропуски одним словом, подходящим лексически и грамматически .
    a. - What are you (17) __________ to do this weekend?
    - I don’t (18) __________. I may stay at home or I (19) ____________ visit John. He wants (20) _________ to go and see him soon.
    - Oh, (21) _____ you see him, (22) _________ you ask him to return my CD?
    - Do you want me to bring (23) ______ back for you? If (24) ________, I can give it to you on Monday morning.
    b. – Did you go (25) ________ holiday when you were a child?
    - Yes, we did. We (26) _________ to stay with my aunt (27) ______ the seaside. Now, we go abroad for our holidays.
    - So (28) ____ we. Last year, we went to Portugal (29) _______ the first time. We (30) _______ been there before. We had such an enjoyable holiday (31) _______ we are going there again this year.

    • 29 November 2014
    • Ответ оставил: НИГЕРЗЛОООЙ

    1.are you going to do
    I don't know?I may visit
    He wants me
    if you see him,will you ask
    bring it back==if no,..
    did you go on holiday,
    we went,at the seaside
    so do we,for the first
    have been,that

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