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    Рассказ про Ярославль на английском языку

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    Yaroslavl - the first Russian city on the Volga River, referred to in the record. In the "Tale of Bygone Years", he first mentioned at 1071. The modern city arose in the place where the Volga - the main artery of the Volga trade route - river Kotorosl on which it was possible to get to the main center Merya land Rostov. In addition to the Finno-Ugric settlement Godforsaken, which gave rise to the city, not far from him in the IX-X centuries there were other major centers, the rich material culture which give an idea Timerevo and Michael's burial mounds.

    At the beginning of the XIII century Constantine begins to build up Vsyevolodovitch Yaroslavl stone temples, preparing for the role of patron saint's Castle for his son Vsevolod. Yaroslavl principality reached its peak after the change of the ruling dynasty at the end of the XII century, when the Black Prince Fyodor. Progressive fragmentation of the principality on smaller and smaller inheritances led to the loss of their political independence in 1463

    "Golden Age" of the city is associated with the development of trade with Europe via Arkhangelsk. In the XVII century, the city became the largest center of the Russian state after Moscow. While Moscow was occupied by the Polish-Lithuanian invaders, Yaroslavl within six months actually served as the capital functions. About the "Golden Age" of the city resemble the numerous temples of the time, the rich and the silhouette for the most part to preserve the original murals.

    After the reforms of Peter the Yaroslavl lost its former importance, becoming a common center of the province. About the stages of Europeanization Upper evidenced by such events associated with Yaroslavl as a device Russian-Dutch factory Zatrapeznovyh, base F. Volkov of Russia's first provincial theater, the first issue of the magazine in the province of "Lone poshehonets" base of one of the country's first higher educational institutions - Demidov Lyceum (1803). Modern regular planning Yaroslavl received under Catherine II.

    In July 1918, the city became the scene of one of the largest demonstrations against Soviet rule - Yaroslavl uprising. During the industrialization of Yaroslavl turns into a major industrial center, industrial appendage of the metropolitan region, specializing in chemical industry. The commissioning of large enterprises, such as Yaroslavl Automobile Plant (1916, now the engine), Yaroslavl Tire Plant (1932, at the time the largest in Europe), Novoyaroslavsky refinery (1961). In 2010, Yaroslavl celebrated its 1000th anniversary.

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