• 30 November 2014
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    • Автор: Ulboshka8787

    3. Where ... this kitten?
    a) did you find b) you did find c) found you d) did you found

    4. Ann ... at home last Sunday, she went to a party.
    a) Didn’t stayed b) didn't stays c) didn't stay. d) did stay not

    5. When ... this wonderful hat?
    a) did you buy b) did you bought c) have you bought d) have you buy

    6. What... at school yesterday?
    a) did you do b) have you done c) did you d) have you do

    7. They... the TV when I came in.
    a) watched b) were watching c) have watched d) watch

    8. What... last Saturday?
    a) were they buying b) they bought c) did they buy d) they were buying

    9. Mary ... that he was not right.
    a) was understanding b) have understood c) understood d) has understand

    10. The train ... on time so we were late.
    a) Didn’t come b)wasn't coming c) wasn't come d) didn't came

    11. How many chairs ... to the room?
    a) you-have brought b) have brought you c) you did bring d) did you bring

    12. When I phoned she ... a bath.
    a) Had b) was having c) was have d) has

    13. What... when your mother came back home?
    a) were you doing b) you did c) you were doing d) did you

    14. What... her about the school?
    a) you told b) did you told c) told you d) did you tell

    15. She ... because she couldn't find her dog.
    a) Cried b) was crying c) crying d) cry

    16. My parents ... in 1970.
    a) got married b) get married c) were getting married d) getting married

    • 30 November 2014
    • Ответ оставил: Drogerion571

    3. a
    4. c
    5. a
    6. a
    7. b
    8. c
    9. c
    10. a
    11. d
    12. b
    13. a
    14. d
    15. b
    16. a

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