• 11 January 2015
    • Математика
    • Автор: Edifanovayulya

    Подставить верную букву:
    1. I ... the washing by hands because our washing-machine is broken.
    a) have to do b) must do c) have do d) must to do
    2. I think you ... at once or I`ll call the police.
    a) have to go b) must go c) have go (1) must to go
    3. He ... look after his brothers after their mother fell ill.
    a) must to b) has to c) must have d) have
    4. We ... get up very early tomorrow as we’re leaving at five am.
    a) will must b) must to c) will have to (1) will have
    5. You really ... have a week off yourjob every half a year.
    a) must to b) must c) had d) have to

    • 11 January 2015
    • Ответ оставил: Vadim99991

    1) а  2) b 3) b 4) c 5) b 

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